Foundation course

If the school-leaving certificate you gained abroad is not comparable to a German higher education entrance qualification ("HZB"), you are obliged to attend a foundation course before starting your studies, and take an assessment test to determine your eligibility to study (Feststellungsprüfung).

The foundation course supports international students by preparing them to start a German university degree programme. However, applicants cannot choose whether to attend a foundation course or not; it depends on what higher education entrance qualification they have.

Applicants whose foreign certificates are equivalent to the standard of German ones cannot join the foundation course.

You can be admitted to a foundation course and sit the Feststellungsprüfung only if you have school-leaving certificates that require the Feststellungsprüfung to be taken according to assessment criteria published in the anabin database under “Bewertungsvorschläge” (assessment criteria).

The following website provides information for applicants: “how to apply with foreign school-leaving certificates”. Above and beyond this, applicants have to prove that they have the required German language skills. Further information on the foundation course can be found here.

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