Expanded Media (Master of Arts)

Expanded Media

The Leadership in the Creative Industries programme has been replaced by the Expanded Media (M.A.) programme. 

Study duration

3 semesters







The course. What is the academic focus of the Master’s?

Creating media experiences that have an impact on the real lives of users and can bring about real changes is the aim of the English-language master's program 'Expanded Media'. The focus of such new, transmedial media architectures is the personal experience: users want to feel personally involved and try to derive personal benefit for their lives from the media experience. In international teams, students develop media offerings that explore this potential. In interdisciplinary media productions, they combine real and media worlds of experience and develop a new media language based on the user/audience experience. In the three study majors Expanded Story Worlds, Expanded Sound & Music and Expanded Realities, students are given the opportunity to deepen their preferred strategies with which they want to provide users with a personally meaningful experience. You can find more detailed information on the website of the Faculty of Media