Kopfbild: Animation and Game

Animation & Game (Bachelor of Arts)

Study program

Bachelor of Arts

Study duration

7 semesters





The course. What does it cover?

The B.A. in Animation and Game encompasses character design and storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, game development and programming. Over seven semesters, students work in a practical and interdisciplinary way to acquire the wide range of technical, conceptual and design skills needed for the development and production of animated films, series and games. Professional project management facilitates team-based working on this course, which is taught mainly in English.

Practical applications. What can I do when I finish the course?

Graduates of the programme go on to work in many different areas of the international media and entertainment industry. The innovative combination of the disciplines of Animation and Game gives students the skills they need to establish themselves in a dynamic field. An interdisciplinary
team of teaching staff with successful backgrounds in industry help qualify students for careers as animation artists, art directors, technical artists, game designers, game programmers or animation/game producers. Alternatively, students have the option of going straight on to do a master`s degree, which qualifies them for management roles in the creative industries but also for careers in research and development.

Modules. How is the course structured?

The modules of the bachelor`s degree combine theoretical, technical and practical design-related subjects and themes from the two disciplines of Animation and Games. The course ends with a bachelor`s final project in the last semester. Before starting work on their final projects, students
acquire core skills for the professional development and production process, and can also specialise according to their own areas of interest. They can choose from:

  • conceptual, design-related areas of specialisation such as game design and visual arts/effects
  • technical specialisms in the field of technical direction/programming for animation and games
  • specialisation in the field of producing/project management