Getting started

Application process

Hochschule Darmstadt - University of Applied Sciences is a member of the uni-assist association (Service Center for International University Applications). Uni-assist evaluates if your submitted school/ university certificates qualify for admission to a degree program in Germany and, if the university determines, uni-assist also evaluates further application criteria which are subject to the preliminary examination. In the event of a positive examination result, uni-assist forwards the application electronically to us.

We suggest that you apply as soon as possible to ensure a successful application! You will find the closing dates for applications on this page (in German).

Please use uni-assist's online portal to complete your application. Once you have completed your application and filled out the form, you can preview and print it. Please do not forget to submit your application electronically as otherwise uni-assist will not receive it otherwise! Check the box and then click “Submit electronically” in order to submit your application online.

First print out the completed form, then submit it electronically!

Sign the printed form and mail it to uni-assist.

As a last step, send your completed and signed application form together with your application documents by the application closing days to the following postal address:

Hochschule Darmstadt
c/o uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

The processing of your application by uni-assist is subject to a handling fee. Additional information regarding fees and payment can be found on the uni-assist website: Fees and Payment. A payment receipt is required for a successful application!

Admission and enrollment

Approximately 4 weeks after receipt of your application documents, uni-assist will inform you about your current application status. If your application meets all formal/administrative requirements, uni-assist will forward your application to Hochschule Darmstadt, after which the university will initiate its application review and selection process.

In restricted study programs, applicants from non-EU countries compete against each other for 10% of the total number of openings, while applicants from EU countries are pooled together with German applicants in the regular admissions process.

If your application was successful you will receive an acceptance letter from Hochschule Darmstadt. The letter will indicate the date and time of your enrollment appointment, which is mandatory.

Incomplete or incorrect documents will lead to the cancellation of your admission. Thus, your study placement will be given to another applicant.