Inklusion leben

In April of 2016, seven disabled artists responded to the invitation of h_da and attended a painting week at the university. In the framework of this project, a total of 39 impressive works of arts showing motifs from our campus were created. This was not an easy task as each of the artists freely interpreted their work in his or her own unique way. The works in this calendar are accompanied by photographs taken by photographer Gregor Schuster from Darmstadt. He, too, left his very own photographic signature on every picture. Together with all the artists involved, we are very proud of the result!

For more than ten years, Darmstadt University has been inviting disabled artists from various facilities to come and paint at the university once a year. The works of arts created during this project used to be shown in an exhibition at the university for an entire year. This time the initiators of the painting days, Wilhelm von Schultz and Matthias Etzel of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, encouraged this calendar project. We are very happy about this project and its impressive result as we aim to put inclusion into practice at our university. Apart from our ambition to offer equal opportunities for our disabled or chronically ill students, we want to be an inclusive institution beyond the boundaries of our university. This is why we are particularly happy that with this special project, we are able to offer the artists a platform while contributing to the integration of disabled people into society.

We would like to thank all the artists involved as well as Lebenshilfe Main-Taunus for organising and supporting the Summer Workshop Villa Luce which promotes the artists' individual abilities in a unique way. Above all, special thanks go to the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, in particular to our committed employees Wilhelm von Schultz and Matthias Etzel without whom this project would not have been possible.


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