Aiming high

The arts forum Summer Workshop Villa Luce was founded in 1994 to enable a group of Villa Luce residents who were interested in arts to try working with soapstone, aerated concrete and other material in the garden of Villa Luce during the warm season. This project has long since developed into a permanent group of artists who are active throughout the year and organise workshops and exhibitions in Eschborn and the surrounding region. They have even presented their work in Eschborn's twin towns in Portugal and France. The concept of the Summer Workshop is to open up to other groups of society. Villa Luce regularly cooperates with local child care facilities, schools and a parish theatre group.

For the group of artists, painting together as well as the exhibitions - which recently were organised with freelance artists as well - are of outstanding importance. Here they can push their own boundaries and win recognition for their achievements. For the group, their art is a means for gaining the attention of the public.


A very special friendship developed when we joined the cycle of exhibitions initiated by Wilhelm von Schultz from Darmstadt University many years ago with regional art groups. Together with Matthias Etzel, who is also employed with the university, he extended the offer to include painting days for disabled artists complete with lectures and exhibitions at the university. This year, a calendar was created in cooperation with the university. The painting locations were particularly exiting for the artists: seminar rooms, the university cafeteria, a lecture room, the library or the machinery room. The artists were free to mix with the students as if it were a matter of course - when the others were calculating, they were painting. During the painting week, Wilhelm von Schultz and Matthias Etzel were always present and ready to offer support or to suggest new approaches. In the process, this truly special friendship became even closer. We are proud of this unique calendar and ready for more model projects like this.

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